Selecting Your Wedding Flowers

Selecting Your Wedding Flowers

Flowers are as much a part of any wedding as the beautiful dress of the bride, the wedding rings and the wonderfully decorated cake.  When you are planning your wedding and selecting flowers for the ceremony you should take a couple of things into consideration.  What season you will be married in and the theme of your wedding, and what the wedding party are wearing are all factors in what flowers you should select.  You can choose between bold bright colours or the more traditional white.

What type of flowers would you choose?  Are you a traditional bride or do you want a colourful wedding.  Would you choose white roses or more colourful lilies?  Some of the most commonly chosen flowers for weddings are roses, tulips, lilies, hydrangeas and peonies.  The advantage of roses and lilies is the fact that they are available all year long, so what season you choose to marry in won’t matter as much.

Here are some tips for choosing the most important elements of the floral decorations of your wedding, the bouquet, the reception flowers and the flowers for the ceremony.

Wedding bouquet

Before you begin to select your flowers first think about what type of bouquet you would like, specifically what shape.  The most popular style of bouquets are the teardrop shaped bouquet, the traditional posy bouquet which is more round in shape and the less common slender bouquet which rests on your arm.


If you have chosen to wear a white or cream dress matching flowers to the dress won’t be hard.  If you have chosen something different and are wearing a dress with some colour, then choose flowers of the same or a complementary colour, here are some examples match red with green, blue with orange and purple with yellow.  The other option is to stick with white it will match any color of dress.  The flowers the bridesmaids carry should also work with their dresses and complement the colour scheme.  Flower girls will also be carrying flower petals in a basket and again they should fit into the overall colour scheme of the wedding.

The Ceremony

You can make a bold statement using flowers to decorate the church or hall where your ceremony is being held.  You can you large pedestal arrangements with some strategic placements near the altar and the entrances.  Smaller bouquets look wonderful along the aisle or on tables for a civil service.  You can use flowers to change the atmosphere from sober to festive, or dull to exciting.  Remember to stick with the theme and keep everything consistent and complimentary.

The Reception

Flowers can take a healthy bit of your wedding budget so a great idea to help adhere to the budget is to re-use the arrangements from the ceremony.  That leaves you with just the floral arrangements or centerpieces on the table left to pay for.  You will need a special arrangement for the head table that’s larger than the guest tables.  The head table usually has a more “long and low” arrangement centered in front of the couple.  For the guest tables pick flowers that fit with the wedding theme but don’t prevent your guests from carrying on conversations.

Hopefully these tips can help make your wedding day a day to remember.