Which is Better Online or Local Florist?


One of the most significant ways to express your affection for someone is by sending flowers.  Flowers are used for many different occasions such and birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day or sometimes just to tell someone that you care.  When it comes time to buy flowers for your loved ones you have the option of using an online florist or visiting a local flower shop.  Which method is the easiest or most convenient?  Here are the pros and cons of both to help you choose.

Online Florists:

Sheer convenience is probably the biggest advantage of using an online florist.  You can buy Calgary flowers online and have them sent virtually anywhere in the world.  You can order almost any bouquet you like with a couple of clicks of a mouse and promptly arrange for them to be delivered on any day you choose.

Online florists generally have a wide variety of bouquets and arrangements to choose from.  You will find the flowers sorted by occasion, season , price and in the case of roses they are also sorted by color.  Prices are consistent and low so you have the opportunity to send a beautiful arrangement without spending a fortune.  There is a healthy amount of competition so if you don’t find the flowers you want at a price you like there are always other sites to look at.

Most online florists belong to an international network allowing them to provide a reliable service, you can have flowers delivered within 24 hours of placing your order.  Using local florists in this international network also makes sure the flowers that are delivered fresh.

Online florists aren’t perfect and there are disadvantages too, for instance you won’t be able to see the flowers for yourself and judge their quality or freshness.  While the flowers may be priced lower there may be some charges for delivery and the total cost may be higher.  Using an online florist have fixed prices so you don’t have the ability to negotiate for frequent purchases or bulk buying for occasions like weddings.

Local Florists

Oftentimes your local florist has been a staple in the community for years and they have regular customers who prefer to spend their money locally.  They also offer other perks to shopping with a local florist besides keeping your money in the community.  These florists offer personalized service and can give you good advice on the right flowers to buy for any occasion.

Buying from a local florist allows you to personally check out the flowers and determine their quality; you can make sure you get the best selection for the one you love.  When you are buying a large amount of flowers for a wedding or other event  a local florist has the ability to negotiate the price, and if you come near closing time you also may be able to get a deal.

Again, there are disadvantages to using a local florist.  Often it is inconvenient, you have to travel to their store to shop and if you can’t find what you are looking for then you are stuck driving around looking for another florist.   They are constrained by space and transportation so they won’t necessarily have the selection that you would find using an online florist.

The local florists also have limited variety of flowers to choose from. You might not be able to find exotic flowers at their shop. Thus, you will have to settle with whatever they are offering.

Which do you choose?

While both local and online florists have their own advantages, which you choose will probably be determined by the occasion and your needs.  If you need them the same day then local may be best, but in most cases an online florist offers more conveniences.