woman-pretty-beautiful-happy-39547Hello, and welcome to Calgary Flowers Online!

This is a blog all about flowers, floral designer and hobbyists who turn flowers into art.  We are here to encourage and inspire, we are in love with the symbolism and beauty of flowers.  Flowers are given to mark every milestone throughout life, from birth to death and we like to showcase the creativity in which they are given.

Growing up in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains camping and outdoor adventures were part of everyday life, I soon fell in love with the wild beauty of nature and resilience of flowers that grew wild in this climate.  Both my mother and grandmother were avid gardeners so I spent much of much childhood in the yard helping to weed flowerbeds and prune rosebushes.  I love picking lilacs in the late spring, for me they always symbolized that summer was just around the corner.  Between college semesters I was lucky enough to take a trip to Europe and I got to visit Holland and see the tulips, it still remains my favourite trip ever.

Being a bit of an entrepreneur combined with my love of flowers, it seemed quite natural that one day I would be operating my own floral business.  With internet technology I was able to create Calgary Flowers Online and build it to the business it is today.

So welcome to the blog and enjoy the floral musings and occasional bits of practical advice.